Wenge wood / blue tiger eye  in gift oak box
Wenge wood / blue tiger eye  in gift oak box
Wenge wood / blue tiger eye  in gift oak box
Wenge wood / blue tiger eye  in gift oak box
Wenge wood / blue tiger eye  in gift oak box

Wenge wood / blue tiger eye in gift oak box

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Bracelet in a gift box made of natural oak wood.聽
Add any engraving to the top cover or private message (second photo) inside the box. Engraving is included in the price.
(if you do not add the engraving to the box will be placed the logo of TwinsWoodCompany)

High Quality Sandal wood (6mm beads) and Blue Tiger eye gemstone (8 mm beads) macrame bracelet.
Dark brown polyester waxed thread.
Universal length, easily adjustable.
The minimum bracelet length is 7.5'' (18-19 cm) max 11.5" (30 cm)
Each energy bracelet comes with a burlap bag for gifting or safe keeping.

The bracelet is perfect for:聽聽TwinsWood premium watch collection

About the stone.

Blue Tiger Eye (also called Hawk鈥檚 Eye, Tiger's Eye, Tigereye) - is a very soothing stone as it aids in reducing stress, increasing calm and easing anxiety. Shimmery Blue Tiger Eye can illuminate issues that may have been difficult to see otherwise. Blue Tiger Eye helps to open, clear and align the mid to higher range chakras, which will assist in speaking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity.

Blue Tiger Eye works extremely well with the Throat and Third Eye chakras, providing insight into internal conflicts and emotional or mental issues. Blue Tiger Eye brings a "go with the flow" attitude, aiding in relief from fears, phobias and hot tempers. Use Blue Tiger Eye to balance the male/female, Yin/Yang energies. Use Blue Tiger Eye to increase all forms of psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance, astral travel and remote viewing. Like all Tiger Eye, Blue Tiger Eye can be used in prosperity rituals around a candle, or in manifestation grids.

Physically, Blue Tiger Eye encourages emotional balance, aids in fatigue and depression, cools an overactive sex drive, and heals on a metabolic level. It can also alleviate eye problems that deal with the inability to focus.

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